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Monday, May 3, 2010

Photizo Group Managed Print Services Con2010: Day One

My Oh My Oh My...what a difference a year makes.

Last year the excitement was palpable - to expect the same this year would be foolish, hopeful at best.

Yet...the buzz today was real.

And guess what...MPS folks are starting to understand the actual meaning of the Hybrid Dealer; not some stolen, bastardized, watered down version.

What is even more impressive, the MPS curious are sick of being told what "old skool-pundits" think they want to hear - this isn't "just like color was".

The truth is sometimes tough, MPS is not easy. The path of the last 12 months is littered with empty dreams and shattered, MPS hopes.

What went wrong? How did this happen? What oh, what are we to do?

Suck it up, pansy.

This is your chance to seize the future or fade into the past.

Some, not smart enough to understand their own predicament, point fingers in every direction; "not enough infrastructure", " vendor doesn't understand MPS...", " salespeople...".

All too common phrases muttered and whispered in the darkness - AT OTHER SHOWS...not here, not today.

If you didn't make it here, you are missing the best Managed Print Services BrainTrust on the planet. Bar none.

The full MPSA, owners, principals, high-end users - Nationwide Insurance's presentation alone put most every other "MPS Implementation" stories to shame - are all here.

Both tracks today were packed - and people were actually paying attention - all day!

Ed's Group, Photizo, MPS forerunners, are putting on a great show - from the speakers to the roving video crew - a very good start to a great conference.

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