Sunday, September 19, 2010

A DOTC Shout Out to All the Managed Print Services Peeps in and around Detroit: Kid Rock - Roll On

Coleman Young and the People Mover.

COBO to Joe Louis, Devil's Night, FoMoCo in the RenCen, GM in the RenCen.

Greek Town, Woodward and Eight Mile, Boblo, the Big Fist, to the Uniroyal Tire - The Dirty D.

Times are bad - they've been worse, well maybe not.
Its all just a big roller coaster, like the ones at Cedar Point.

Some day, the boys in Honolulu blue will be in the superbowl, someday.

Sitting here alone
I'm looking back on where I've roamed
And laughin, now I swore
I'd win and not get burned
Left my family, left my home
I worked my fingers to the bone
And there was not a stone
I did not leave unturned..."


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