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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday is Fun Day - IOWA Gurls - O M G


A few Friday's back, I splashed the blog with Katy Perry's "California Gurls" - an obvious shout out to the girls on my side of the world, the Best Coast.

Soon after, a reader "hipped" me to this little ditty.

You have got to love any video with the line, "...boys baling hay make me wanna act so naughty..." WTF?

In the Katy Perry vid, the dozen or so times I viewed her syrupy montage, I could not find ANY connection to MPS, copiers, printers or toner - I tried, I really did.

But this time we have a connection: Great America Leasing.

That's right. The creator of the Navigator program that "includes the process to plan, implement and grow a dealer’s business with MPS..." is headquarted in...Iowa! Schwing!!

Yup. They are.

Well, let's take I-80 West and see what Iowa has to compete with my golden beaches...



  1. Seriously forget to mention your famed photographer is in Iowa as well?! Maybe you were trying to help avoid my embarrassment....

  2. Yes!

    Well, I was attempting to...shield your shame...but I guess that is not going to work now, is it?


    J/K!! I love corn, we call it maize...and I know there are certainly some very fair maidens about...indeed.

  3. Greg, thanks for the post! As a member of the GreatAmerica Leasing team I'm excited about the shout out!
    Us Iowa girls are somethin' special :)

  4. Lindsay -

    Glad you enjoy!

    Good peeps over at GA.

    Keep coming back!

  5. I visited the Great Iowa State Fair today.....what a crazy place. I did spend some time checking out all the printers that occupied the "Varied Industries" showroom floor....100% HP....the State of Iowa was using some LJ 4000s...and Verizon had some shiny new LJ P4015s...LOL!


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