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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York Times Article Answers Lots of Hurd Questions

I was going to follow this one pretty heavily.

No doubt, in our industry, this little shake up is rivaled only by the RiKon merger in news worthiness - if not gossip value.

But soon after the separation, more and more information hit the 'net, that gave me pause.

And when phrases like, "nude pics" and "erotic film star" started to show up, well, I just decided to let the story ride, without much comment - you can not make this stuff up!

Printers not sexxy? Bravo Sierra!

From the article by Ashlee Vance, with the New York Times,

"...The company has uncovered communications between Mr. Hurd and Jodie Fisher, the occasional H.P. contractor who accused him of sexual harassment, that seemed cordial, even after a last meeting in a hotel room in Boise, Idaho, a person with knowledge of Mr. Hurd’s e-mails said...

But the board was increasingly troubled that Mr. Hurd had been so willing to put Ms. Fisher, whose job was to introduce Mr. Hurd to customers at H.P. marketing gatherings, in front of top customers at upscale company events.

Nor could they fathom how Mr. Hurd could authorize more than $75,000 in payments and expenses, including first-class travel and stays in luxury hotels, for Ms. Fisher when the company’s employees traveled under more austere conditions, according to several people with knowledge of the expenses..."

More -

"...The situation was made worse after H.P. discovered that Mr. Hurd had viewed some of Ms. Fisher’s racy acting on his work computer, signaling that he was aware of her past..."

Go to the story, here.

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