Monday, September 20, 2010

The HP OPS Elite Managed Print Forum - "Indulge the Spirit"

Big conference in AZ this week. The surviving OPS dealers.

I am sure there is an NDA in my history that precludes me from sharing very much...but whatever I can get on the record, I will.

I do look forward to hoisting a few (I mean, taking copious and voluminus notes) with some of the "MPS IronMen" know who you are.

Not sure who else will be in attendance. Looks like there will be some MPS101 stuff; after 3 years, its good to see, I guess.

Looking forward to seeing Synnex, and SNi. As I have seen the presentations before, I will be more interested in the attendees' response to the MPS material.

One blaring deficit - I don't see a valid MPS research firm on the agenda.

Most of the HP MPS talk track has that familiar, Photizo-ish angle - "...Chaos...", "...the cheapest image is the one you never print...", "...let's take paper out of the business..." and if they whip out the Three Stages slide, wow.

I do not expext to hear any mention of a "Hybrid Dealer" - but we will see.

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