Friday, September 3, 2010

Managed Print Services: Who Can Get Out of the Hardware Business First? Xerox or HP?

IBM beat them both but this article regarding Xerox's re-branding into a Business Process Management company tells me Xerox is hitting this hard.

A global campaign is launching next week. Look for Mr. Clean and bellhops from Marriott pitching X as an "invoice processing" entity.

It's all about BPM not duplex and first copy out speeds.

Xerox's acquisition of ACS was complete this past February.

The X is about to make hay and flood the media.

Alert the authorities.

Any of us worth our salt, know that we aren't simply providing copiers(gag) or toner(upchuck).

Our engagements allow our clients to focus on their customers.

With IT departments, company end users/knowledge workers are the customers. For Marriott, possibly you or me.

The above video is another example, well produced, of the future of MPS.

Just like we can learn from the HP/Disney deal, the big X can provide plenty of teachable moments.

So, even if you don't sell X, are you 'tuff enough to utilize this video to illustrate the direction of MPS for one of your prospects?

Might be a bit easier then a Bruce Springsteen video - but I will keep trying until the day that one prospect, that one very perceptive visionary, watches Wrecking Ball, turns to me and says, " is shattering the old, established norms, isn't it..."


And then there is this: Small world, I worked for Y&R in Detroit, a long time ago...prepare to be bored.

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