Monday, September 6, 2010

tDOTC Managed Print Services PowerPlayer of the Week: Bruce Dahlgren


With Lexmark in his pedigree, Bruce understands what it means to be fighting for market position. Is he as comfortable working as a leader, fending off pursuers?

True to leadership form, ignore the competition and focus on the customer.

"The cheapest page is the one you don't print" - An utterance credited to Mr. Dahlgren and a phrase sure to run a chill up all the third party toner guys, copier dealerships and printer manufacturers.

Actually, a more accurate application of that sentence is, the cheapest page is the one not copied.

"...In the office environment, 50 percent of pages are printed, and 50 percent are copied,” he said. “I know that pages are going to decrease, and I want to help my customers do that. But there are 50 percent of the (copied) pages that I can go out there and get.”

HP is converting existing accounts into MPS Engagements - at the Enterprise level. The EDS acquisition, Canon alignment and the "strategic" approach to MPS over existing infrastructure. Infrastructure that includes lots and lots of HP Blades, storage, servers and laptops.

Great quote, "...let's take paper out of the business..." - wow.

Bruce, DOTC PowerPlayer of The Week.

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