Monday, October 18, 2010

HP To Offer Toshiba's to Enterprise Accounts - In Asia

More "strange bedfellows" news:

HP has formed an alliance with Toshiba as part of its managed print services (MPS) strategy.

At the HP Innovation Summit at Singapore, the vendor revealed that key high-volume MPS enterprise customers will have access to a select range of Toshiba multifunction devices.

HP already has a similar agreement with Canon announced last year.

The two vendors have had a long running relationship with Canon supplying laser printer parts to HP. The HP-Toshiba partnership is specific to the Asia-Pacific region.

“We are pleased and proud with this new partnership as it will enable HP to continue its key position in the MPS space in enterprise,” HP VP for managed print enterprise group, Pierre Mirlesse, said.

As part of its MPS push, HP has also introduced new versions of its FutureSmart firmware and Open Extensibility Platform (OXP) which allows solution partners to develop applications to improve business printing processes on HP printers.

The new firmware and OXP platform is compatible with HP printers produced since 2005.

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Seems HP is doing anything, including partnering with one time competitors, to stay out of the copier manufacturing business.

First "Clip" now this.

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  1. Good luck to HP on this one. Their choice of Toshiba equipment further demonstrates HP's ignorance of the copier industry. Why they would want to put their name beside the garbage Toshiba produces is beyond me.

  2. Interesting comment. The Toshiba 6530C has won awards for image quality. Quality that compares favorably with digital presses for a fraction of the price. In fact the 6530 was the ONLY machine that met the specs in ALL categories. Is that the kind of garbage you're referring to or was there another kind?

  3. Lol...thats a Canon in the pic

  4. This partnership is Asia MPS only.

    The HP-Canon excluded Asia, so this fills that hole.

  5. The 6530, may have won awards, but what a dog. Service on this thing is a real pain. More mods than actual copy volume.The quality control is a joke. Want a good laugh, get a e355/455 and you will start thinking of your tech as a staff member. This box is so cheap and mods up the wazoo, with little affect.