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Managed Print Services: Kyocera enhances, Sharp getting in, Brother waiting for MPS to go Mainstream(?)

That's right.

More straw MPS training, a late to the game player and an organization waiting for MPS Industry to "open up".

Press releases and reflection follow:


Expanding its industry-leading Managed Print Services (MPS) training offering, Kyocera Mita America, Inc., one of the world's leading document solutions companies, today announced that the Company has authorized the Business Technology Association’s (BTA) “MPS Sales Workshop” and “MPS Operations & Service Workshop” for meeting training requirements of the Kyocera Certified MPS Dealer Program.

These two programs are taught by Tom Callinan, Ed Carroll, David Ramos and Mike Woodard of Strategy Development, a management consulting and advanced sales training firm.

The BTA MPS training program and Print Management Solutions Group (PMSG) are the only organizations with authorized educational offerings within the Kyocera Certified MPS Dealer Program.

“Kyocera is committed to enabling and supporting its certified dealers in their development of the MPS business model, and we’re identifying resources which bring the best MPS training programs for sales, services and operations to our dealers,” said Peter Hendrick, vice president of marketing, Kyocera Mita America.

“We believe MPS is the future of our business and we understand that education is the key to a successful MPS strategy. We’ve partnered with BTA and PMSG, two of the industry’s leading Dealer and Training organizations, to deliver the training that certifies Kyocera dealers into our national MPS network.”

The following BTA MPS training programs are authorized for certification to Kyocera’s MPS Dealer Program:

BTA MPS Operations & Service Workshop

The MPS Operations & Service Workshop is designed to jump start the dealers’ understanding of how to set up and manage all service related aspects of an MPS agreement.

BTA MPS Sales Workshop

Designed to provide dealerships with the tools they need to establish a managed print services strategy, the MPS Sales Workshop will educate dealers how to increase the quantity of captured prints, lock in customers, distinguish themselves from competitors, sell more document imaging devices and, ultimately, become the end-user's "single source" for managing printed pages and hardware.

Press Release, here.

DOTC, I'm calling BULLSHIT.

MPS, when used to "lock customers" and "sell more document imaging devices", in a pure sense, is NOT MPS.

This one paragraph has found it's way into MY MARKETING PIECES and Prezi, positioning we who have a penchant for real MPS against the industry charlatans and reselling, carpet baggers who paid for this sort of drek.

Bad form.


Sharp Optimised Services bring control, efficiency and accountability to
enterprise printing infrastructures

Hamburg, September 2010 - Sharp has launched Sharp Optimised Services – a service which can drive down the cost of office printing and copying while enhancing productivity in the workplace and improving control over the printing infrastructure.

Each implementation of Sharp Optimised Services is tailored to the particular needs of the individual customer, but can include the complete management of printers, copiers, MFPs, scanners and faxing needs; the timely supply of appropriate stocks of consumables; servicing and maintenance, and the identification and provision of new equipment as required. Customers can expect substantial benefits from an early stage.

“The cost of producing ordinary, everyday office documents can be as much as 5% of a company’s revenue,” said Peter Plested, Divisional Manager, European Solutions Business Centre, Sharp. “An effective managed print service can reduce that by anywhere between 10% and 30%. These are the numbers that are being commonly quoted by independent analysts.”

Part of the problem that Sharp is trying to solve is that many businesses simply don’t measure how much their printing, copying, scanning and faxing actually costs or which resources are being either underused (yielding a poor return on investment) or overused (leading to reliability problems). They also tend to have accumulated many ageing devices of various makes and models.

“Many businesses are surprised when they are given a full and detailed breakdown of what equipment they have, how it is being used and what it’s costing,” said Peter Plested, Divisional Manager, European Solutions Business Centre, Sharp.

Sharp Optimised Services is delivered through a 3-step process, with the customer’s departmental heads and users closely consulted throughout...

“Right from the start we work with our customers to give them the information they need to make informed business decisions,” said Peter Plested, Divisional Manager, European Solutions Business Centre, Sharp.
We collect and analyse not only usage statistics from every device, but real time information about their operating status, too, and can make this available on a secure web portal.”

”That means that issues can be solved before they develop into problems, an appropriate stock of consumables is maintained at all times, and, as the business evolves, all the information to decide how the printing infrastructure should be adjusted is immediately to hand. It’s all about gaining control, accountability and efficiency.”
DOTC - ummm...2004 called, they want their MPS Value Prop back. Welcome to MPS.


Brother is building a managed print service (MPS) for resellers that it plans to pilot in the UK early next year.

Most of major print and copier vendors sell their brand of MPS through the channel but although a little late to the table, Brother reckons the market has yet to go mainstream.

"Clearly MPS is the future as there is an appetite from manufacturers to get as many cusotmers as possible signed up so they can capture recurring supplies revenues but I don't think the market has truly opened up," said Phil Jones, director at Brother UK...
"We have had someone investigating MPS for three months, there are lots of enquiries, customers are interested and are asking questions, but I haven't seen one customer that was talking to us buy from another rival, they are still in discussion phase," said Jones.

DOTC - speechles, uterly, speechless.

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