Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ConnectWise CEO tips hat to MPS: “build the modern office”

At the ConnectWise IT Nation Conference in Orlando, CEO Arnie Bellini talked about his vision.

Here, at the MSPmentor, are 15 points of Arinie's keynote.

Not sure who ConnectWise is?

Do some research usnig this new thing called the "internet".

MPS related quote,

Printer Management: :”It’s not sexy but who’s doing it?” said Bellini. He pointed to Xerox PagePack as a managed print service that MSPs should explore. “Print management is an incredibly profitable area; it’s just not boring; it’s not sexy. Printers will always be under your customer roof. Manage them.”

"not sexxxy?"

Really? I wonder what, exactly, the propeller heads in IT actually qualify as sexy...probably that girl on "Big Bang"- ok, well that will work actually.

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