Thursday, November 18, 2010

Managed Print Services Blogging - "...What do You Get Out of This?"


Part Two of the world famous, PHOTIZO 2010 Managed Print Services Conference interview with Ken Stewart and me, Greg Walters.

Burning up the Internet? The latest viral phenom?


Fun. That's all.

This was at THE 2010 Managed Print Services Conference in San Antonio - not a Trekkie or Comic or Dragon Con.

Copiers, printers, output.

Is there any reason at all that could possibly prevent us from having a little fun, celebrating our unique position in history AND learning from our peers, our fellow MPS Pioneers?

"No, Greg, there is absolutely no reason we shouldn't have fun..." - good answer.

The 2011 Managed Print Services Conference is slated for May 2, in Orlando. After the show in Barcelona, the Orlando buzz is starting.

One question - Will Orlando ever be the same?

Here is part 2 and 3. Part one is here.

If after viewing you need to wash your brain, check out the Kings of Leon vid. Great shots of LA at night.


Faces of MPS Media (Part 2) from Misty Hamel on Vimeo.

Faces of MPS Media Part 3 from Misty Hamel on Vimeo.

Managed Print Services Conference 2010 - See It All, again and again...

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