Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Achieve Managed Print Services Immortality "...Simply By Doing One...Great...Thing..." - Keep Walking


There is a great deal of "automation" in our little niche; auto - fulfillment, remote monitoring, M2M communication, auto-generated assessments, proposals, SOW's, Twitter-bots, RSS, on and on.

Hi-technology effects the basic tenants of human existence; both eroding basic, physical contact and expanding our "social network".

Doesn't leave all that much room for us humans, eh?

Fear not, take a walk.

Extend that Human Touch

No matter how fast data moves around the globe. From fax to pager to alphanumeric pagers, carphone, bag-phone, brick, mobile, laptop, tablet, to nano-implants, hopefully, it all boils down to two people sitting across a desk from each other engaged in a selling process.

It's only human.

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