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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I use to think Managed Print Services would be a sub-set of MSP, but maybe it will end up the other way around.


Sorta a "shoe on the other foot" paradigm.

Consider this:

CPI/CPC/MPS AND Managed Services engagements include dispatch out of a dispatch desk - fine. Simple enough.

In our world, the world of output devices, our technicians, in addition to mechanical aptitude, carry something called "trunk stock".

In our world, the same technicians rarely complete a time and materials call.

In our world, technicians can be needed at a "drop of a hat" with SLA's in terms of hours, not days. Our technicians generally do not work on billable projects, their schedules need to be flexible and dispatchers aware.

The "M" in Managed Print Services refers to a bit more than management by NOC.

I have been banging the drum, sounding the alarm warning the impeding invasion of IT guys into our little niche and The End of Days.

They are huge. They are systematic. They are a collective.

Perhaps we shouldn't fight directly.

Maybe there is something better.

It is a Sci-Fi Cliché.  Huge invading force toppled from within aided by a human characteristic - like a ingenuity, fortitude, toughness and viruses. 

Think ID4, War of the Worlds - The Borg.

Having resurrected a small MPS practice from the ashes, surviving as an entity outside the protection of the collective, I know the characteristics of a decent, tough, flexible, stand alone MPS Practice.(I use the NX-74205 as the metaphore)

Today, our Stage 2 involves complete assimilation into the hive with all the protection, responsibilities, tools and exposure associated with a non-silo'd, IT/ITIL/MSP VAR.

We are going to "bolt on" the well running MPS machine.  To me, this seems normal.  As a matter of fact, this was our 12 month goal, 12 months ago.(go figure, a timeline that actually worked).  Our goal is to roll MPS into the complete Managed Services portfolio. 

Makes sense. 

We sell a good deal of technology to some large clients - they all have output devices to go with all those monitors, PC's, switches, racks, servers, blades and DC's.

As I begin to see the inner workings of an MSP compared to the infrastructure of an MPS practice,  it is more apparent than ever: MPS has more moving parts than the standard MSP.


For instance, compare a on-site service contract for printers vs. a standard MPS Engagement; one guarantees a discounted per incident price and SLA's the other guarantee's monthly revenue, regardless of number of incidents.

One has a standard, rarely fluctuating billing per seat, the other, highly dynamic and possibly seasonal fluctuations.

One model is motivated by multiple trip fees, the other strives for that single-call completion - the Holy Grail.

And this is just the beginning.

So it occurs to me, why should an MPS practice roll up into the MSP when the MSP eco-structure is simpler and possess more dimensions.

...interesting... - Borg Cube Battle

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