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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Managed Print Services: Its ShowTime! Lyra in January, Photizo MPS Conference in May

This will be my third year attending the Lyra conference, in Palm Springs.

With at least half-dozen shows scattered around the country and globe, I really only like two: Lyra and Photizo's MPS Conference.

Photizo because they (and I) have been in the MPS ecosystem since the beginning.

Lyra, because of all the spaghetti graphs.

This year the 2011 Lyra Imaging Symposium is titled "Navigating the Road to Profitability".

I look forward to both the "Copier Vendor Scorecard" and "Printer Vendor Scorecard" - great financial analysis of past year performance.

The usual suspects will be in attendance and presenting, HP, and Xerox. This year, Toshiba will be the featured speaker for Managed Document Services

I wonder if Bill will repeat his now famous quote, "...the war between copiers and MFP's is over. And we lost..."

It will also be good to see my colleagues, Greg VanDeWalker, GreatAmerica, Doug Johnson, Supplies Network, and Pravat Mazumdar, Preo Software.

All panelists for the Managed Document Services discussion.

Not a bad reason to drive down to the "Springs

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