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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Printelligent Picks Up DirectPointe's MPS Practice

Last year, Lawton Smith and DirectPointe received the MPSA's Corporate End User Implementation Leadership Award.

That was great.

One of the best stories Lawton will ever share is the one about him sitting on his couch, at 3AM, in a leopard thong(that is not true, but it paints a picture) remotely configuring dozens of devices all over the country.

Lovin that WebJet Admin!

I am guessing, thong aside, that Printelligent recognizes expertise as well as the MPSA - so much so, they bought them.

I a very interesting move, Printelligent purchases DirectPointe's(an integrator)MPS division.

A sign that integrators are getting out of MPS?

Combine this with all the copier dealers failing, I mean, "getting out of" MPS and perhaps there is something to this.

Too bad there aren't any MPS consultants out there helping both sides get their heads around MPS Purity.

MPS isn't going away - the future of copier manufacturers, hardware dealers and printed business workflow is.

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