Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Managed Print Services Outlook - Photizo drops a metric-ton of MPS/ITO Information. The Year of the Metal Rabbit.

This is a webcast discussing 2011 outlook in MPS.

Presenters were in Kentucky, New York,   the Carolinas and Singapore - The Photiz/MPS World.

Tidbits -

  1. The Fourth Stage of MPS is described.  A bit more on this here.
  2. Interesting point of comparison between the three stages of MPS and the three stages of IT management.
  3. From the ongoing, three year, MPS Decision Maker Tracking study, respondents place MPS/Imaging Projects in the Top 3 IT priorities.
  4. Non-MPS Stage Zero, "click" charge, transactional market revenue is declining as S1 and S2 revenue is growing and growing quickly. Numbers and trends supported by information present at the Lyra Symposium, last week.
  5. Europe, by 2014 will be the largest MPS market; shifting to channel driven from direct supported MPS.
  6. The Asian Pacific area offers huge MPS potential; Japan referred to as the "sleeping Giant" a huge market leading the region.
  7. "Multinationimbles" - leaders will combine scale with agility...
  8. "...Profits, like sausages..are esteemed most by those who know least about what goes into them..." Toffler
  9. 2011 is the year of the Metal Rabbit
  10. What is "Prosumer-Driven"
This is good stuff.

Check out the MPS Insights here.

Market Research Spotlight: 2011 MPS Outlook Webinar from Misty Hamel on Vimeo.

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