Sunday, February 6, 2011

"No Rules Managed Print Services" - Who Do You Think You Are?

2011 -

The Mafia, does not exist. Never has, except for in the movies.

The "Illuminati" is another example of propaganda and marketing. Fear motivates, just ask Little Red Riding Hood.

The Free Masons, Skull and Bones, Templars, The Thule Society, The Black Hand, and my personal favorite, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, these groups, these societies, whether real or imagined, were formed to fill a vacuum.

And nature abhors a vacuum.
Our Managed Print Services Universe is filled with collections, "camps" if you will, of people aligned behind their common explication of Managed Print Services.

Most think the "old ways" will sustain, as they anticipate the phantom 'recovery'; a return to normalcy that includes an A3 for every employee.

One "world" believes copiers have always been MPS. Another feels toner, supplies, monthly cleanings(LOL!) and service defines the MPS Ecosystem. A few see the end of MPS in 2014; still others claim MPS has already passed.

Each belief system tumbling away from the others, ever expanding.

Between them, darkness, the vacuum.

These slowly scattering worlds are not confines, a few MPS Explorers ride the void.

I've heard word of a new, young and restless MPS group.

An 'unofficial' team. A collection of 18 MPS/Business Visionaries; large dealerships, influential parts suppliers, proven MPS early adapters.

Each uncomfortable with the status quo, determined to be "right of the bell curve" and tired of the "let me tell you how to do MPS, for $2500.00" crowd.

A group filling the vacuum.

Rumor has it they first met in Vegas, just a few weeks ago. The incipient gathering could have been tucked away in an Aria SkySuite, nestled above the Cosmopolitan or deep within the bowels of an ancient palace. The exact location is unknown.

Unconfirmed sources report meetings held, attendees sitting around a large table, reviewing each others MPS Proposal formats while sipping adult beverages. One organizer is rumored to have had a Double Jack in one hand, and a peer's Quarterly Business Review in the other.

An informed insider, let's call her "DeepThroat", tells DOTC that a few major observations and agreements were convened.
  1. MPS will one day end up in the IT world as "no big deal"
  2. The biggest challenge today is hiring good MPS Selling Professionals
  3. The best MPS Selling professionals will most likely NOT be successful copier reps.
  4. Qualities of a good MPS Selling Professional include business acumen and project management
  5. Although not for everyone, "Burning the Ships" on the beach may be the best approach
  6. QBRs roll up to the "M"
  7. MPS is killing copiers
  8. MPS Training classes are lacking and not based in reality 
Indeed, there must be more. 

"No Rules MPS" -

There is chatter indicating that as we sleep, the masterminds of No Rules MPS are extending invitations - apparently membership is invite only - and planning a second gathering in July.

Today, in our Managed Print Services Ecosystem, there is a void, an absence of light. And in this Darkness, there are things that go bump in the night - perhaps No Rules MPS will be the ones who bump back.

That is of course, if this group even exists, which it doesn't.

Stay away from the toll booths.

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