Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DeathOfTheCopier's Greg Walters to Present at the 2011 North American Managed Print Services Conference


Imaging Geekdom, Nirvana...ah...yes..

Third year in a row. Mark your calenders. May 4, 2011 - 10:30AM, Orlando, Fla.

Greg Walters - Case Study; Building an MPS Program within an IT / MSP organization(SIGMAnet)

To say I am looking forward to this simple, 50 minute presentation, is an understatement.

I could easily fill 500 slides and if we go by the book, hours would seem like days.

I jest.  Well, no not really.

Thrill packed, adventure filled, fog machines and disco-balls, this harangue will be streamed all over the globe; a brief history of a road traveled.

An Odyssey, or at least one chapter of many. The struggles, challenges and conquests of an MPS within an MSP.

Alert the authorities.

This year will be the biggest yet.  Stage 3 and beyond.

Great keynote speakers and superb presentations.

Five tracks chuck full of pledge pins, empty kegs, blow torches, marching bands, toga's, pirates, food fights, Kevin Bacon, mustard, smashed guitars, jello slurping, chainsaws and dead horses, "Eat Me" cake floats, parades, Donald Sutherland's bare bottom(ew), and maybe, just maybe, some good old Jack Daniels...

Just kidding, I don't think Kevin Bacon does MPS.

"Fillet a fish..."

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  1. I got this awesome powerpoint slide that talks about the hidden cost of printing that is on a chart shaped like an iceberg. Let me know if you would like to borrow it for your presentation. :)
    Good Luck!

  2. Iceberg, eh?

    That could be the coolest metaphor I have ever heard in my entire life.

    So...like...one can only see 1/8th of the costs? Costs that can be defined as "TCO"?

    Holy Crap!

    I think my nipples just went north...

    no...its just my wife-beater is in a bundle...