Sunday, March 20, 2011

For CIO's, IT Directors: DOTC Approved and Recommended MPSInsightsPro

"New MPSInsightsPRO Content-centric Community Brings MPS Professionals a Unique Information Resource

Photizo Group continues to curate comprehensive body of steadily growing MPS information
  • Photizo launches premium content community as centralized resource for MPS market
  • Premium content community includes the MPS Insights Journal, MPS best practices, video interviews, in-depth content, member benefits and more
  • $399 annual membership, with corporate packages available..."
It isn't a secret, I know most of the folks over at Photizo.

And if you knew what I know, you would to.

Because I am a highly-influential, member of the MPS Media (whatever the Hell that means), I was fortunate enough to have had a guided tour of this new site.  This portal into some of the best Minds of MPS.

My docent?  Misty Hamel,  Director of Marketing, Editor, Photizo Group.

Yes, getting access to all these goodies requires one to pony up some shekels , but expensing 33 bucks a month is easy enough...right?

Good stuff is contained, lots of MPS information.

Yet the biggest reason to jump in is Photizo's vision of the MPS future.

That's right, there is an MPS future - it just ain't what it used to be...

MPS Talk Track's are going to rotate around "The Commidization of MPS".

You may have already heard some industry pundits state that MPS "...will be nothing but a commodity. Margins falling to 3-4 points..." because, "...every OEM and every independent dealer will be offering the same service..."

I cannot fathom a predetermined future and I think most of the talk about 'commoditizing MPS' originates from those who:

1) don't understand MPS or
2) Understand MPS, but will benefit more by reducing MPS into a commodity.

The writings, videos, and studies contained within the MPSInsightsPro community are both reflective and sapient.

Get in, go here.

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