Wednesday, March 23, 2011

History - Study It, or be Doomed to Repeat It...

It's come to this.

Managed Print Services has a History.

No, not that "we've been doing MPS for 25 years" bullshit kinda history.

I mean the, "three years ago, we fought infrastructure and the definition of MPS and today we are winning more and more" kind of history.

Good form.

 Yet, I am reminded of the classic Star Wars line, "...great kid, don't get cocky..."


Some say times are very bad. That "never" before has this been that.


Everything repeats. It always has, it is a part of nature, part of the universe.

For us, I think we need just look back over the last couple of decades to see what our future may be and what part we will play - bystander or at the 50.

It is no great mystery. Simply study the past.

How Novell once ruled the network and Token Ring the topology.

When General Motors was the "largest corporation in the world" and how buying a company's brand, would "never get you fired" (IBM)).

Remember when the only ribbons one could find were Epson and Oki?

Remember when Xerox made computers and owned the entire copier industry?

Dynasties fall, Empires rise, then return to dust. Stars go supernova.

It is the way of things.

So, do you want to be part of the past, selling fax machines and postage meters?

Do you think you can get a good price for you Pacer or Matador? How about that Saturn?

Look to the past, chart your future, or be at the mercy of the Winds of War.

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