Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Next Great Managed Print Services Dude - Team Sheen, Let Crazy Lead

Hookers, Pornstars, F18's and Total Victory on all fronts.

Chuck Sheen! 

Talk about "To the Right of the Bell Curve".  Wowzie.

He's our MPS Rising star.

Why?  Because he is full on, 100% crazy.  But crazy with a plan, passion and focus.

It's about time we get a nutty male in the "papers" vs. Lindsey, Britney, Paris, etc.

The way I look at it, with Chuck out there, lowering the bar and making 'crazy' more common, all us other MPS Madmen, start to look a bit more normal.

Am I right?

See Sheen quotes here.

"I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total, bitchin' rock star from Mars"

"Women are not to be hit.  They are to be hugged and caressed."


Pure, moving, tear-jerking, poetry.

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