Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photizo Managed Print Services Conference 2011 - Look to Yesterday and See Tomorrow

This year the North American MPS Conference is going to be huge - attendance up, interest in MPS common, the niche now firmly established as an industry.

Why should you go?

Maybe you don't want to be the last person on your block selling copiers. No doubt to the surviving collection of people who don't care about value, costs or spending our money: Public Sector.

Do you think this "Hot New MPS Thing" will finally catch on next year?

Perhaps you're such a output-geek, friends and family are starting to put you in the same class as "Trekies"(for the record, its "Trekor"). Fewer people stick around once you get going on "scan once, print many".

And maybe approaching a three-some like the one above, intimidates you.

Ok, that has little to do with MPS; more to do with DOTC_AfterDark.

If you're into Managed Print Services, see a future beyond Stage 4, and reside out here with me 'to the right of the bell curve', this is our time.  Come.
From the Photizo site:

Why should you attend the 2011 Global MPS Conference?

Education first. Beyond a trade show, this event focuses on practical education and insights.
- Pre-conference workshops provide fundamental MPS training
- Five focused tracks and more than 40 informational sessions
Expert speakers. Inspire and challenge your thinking.
- Author and entrepreneur Peter Sheahan’s excellent change leadership keynote promises nothing less than his 2010 European MPS Conference keynote
- Auxillio founder and CEO Joseph Flynn provides a keynote detailing his unique company’s rise in the MPS industry
Connect with the MPSA. The meeting point for the Managed Print Services Association.
- The 2011 MPS Leadership Awards will be presented at the MPSA Awards Ceremony on May 4th
- Attend the MPSA General Assembly – held only during the MPS Conferences
Independent industry platform. An open forum to share ideas and network.
- Photizo is committed to vendor-neutral research and education
Speaker positions are awarded to the most qualified speakers, not bought
- Network with your colleagues and meet potential partners and clients – gain new perspectives
More excitement. Much more fun.
- Experience a rapidly growing industry at an event that tripled attendance from 2009 to 2010
- Attend two cocktail receptions and the MPSA Awards Ceremony where you will network with MPS bigwigs and celebrities in Orlando, FL – need we say more?
Need more? Check this video out:
Want a ten percent discount?  Go here, register and use promo code "DOTC". See you there.

MPS Conference Reviews from Misty Hamel on Vimeo.

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