Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Tsunami and Ricoh - Hopes and Prayers

As more and more details come out of Japan, (just now, I see tweets regarding yet another explosion at a Nuclear Plant) the environmental and the economic ramifications seem troubling.

I have seen some reports of Canon shutting down 8 plants.

Over at Art Post's Blog, he mentioned Ricoh's locations and factories in Japan:

"...Ricoh operates factories in Tottori (Ricoh Microelectronics Co., LTD), located 421 miles southwest of Tokyo, Ibaraki (Ricoh Printing Solutions) which is about 95 miles south of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and Miyagi (Tohuku Ricoh) which is about 20 miles south of Sendai and 65 miles north of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Iwate (Ricoh Optical Industries), which is located about 95 miles north of Sendai and about 55 miles inland of the Ocean, Yamanashi (Yamanashi Electronics Co., Ltd.) which is located about 73 miles west of Tokyo, Miyagi (Ricoh Hasama) lies 113 miles north of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and 54 miles northeast of Sendai, Saitama (Ricoh Unitechno) is located about 13 miles north of Tokyo, Saga (Ricoh Keiki) about 713 miles southwest of Tokyo, Kanagawa (Handano & Atsugi Plant) is located 28 miles south of Tokyo and a few miles from Yokohama, Hyogo (Yashiro Plant) 331 miles southwest of Tokyo, Fukiu (Fukui Plant) located 324 miles west of Tokyo near the Sea of Japan, Shizuoka (Numazu & Gotemba Plant) is 111 miles southwest of Tokyo..."

Additionally, Ricoh announced commitments up to 3 BILLION yen for survivors and rebuilding.

This event is biblical in scale - the human toll still to be determined.

Economically, and specifically to our imaging industry, the questions are mounting, possibilities daunting.

This will not be easy for the people of Japan and although we are concerned about our economic recovery, in the end, its about other human beings, half-way around the world.

Hopes and prayers...

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  1. Greg:

    Thanx for the re-post, few items though. Canon is reported to close 8 factories not Ricoh and 3 Billion yet committed not 300 yen. Musta been a tough night or day! Thanx again!

  2. 300 yen is $3.66

    I hope they can commit a little more...