Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 North American Managed Print Services Conference - Ken Stewart

Fellow DOTC Leopard and Photizo guru, Ken Stewart will be presenting at the 2011 North American MPS Conference.

Looks like he and his crew, are going to get real and put forward some everyday, proven information.

The day-long session is being held May 2.
This pre-conference workshop "will provide MPS dealers, resellers and IT VARs with fundamental information for MPS success."

Should be great.
Ask yourself this:

"Are you tired of seminars promising the secrets to your fortune in MPS?"

I hear all too often, quick phrases  are leading to empty promises.

Then get real & learn how the pro’s get it done.

Ken's  hands-on day is all about  being effective with your customer. No theory. Just lessons from pro's who get it done.
  • You'll learn effective ways to reach & retain your customers – including branding techniques & social media tactics.
  • Unlock your differentiators, learn how to stratify your customers & run effective Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).
  • You can't get there if you don't plan to...create your own unique 10-step business success.
  • What about after the sale?  Uncover the real secrets to running effective deal implementations & look like a hero in front of your customer.

Here's what we've got for you:

Session 1:

MPS Today & Tomorrow

Do You Want Customer Loyalty? led by Sarah Henderson, GreatAmerica

Session 2:

Hands-On: Implement Your Brand in Your Business & Not Go Crazy led by Sarah Henderson, GreatAmerica

Learn the MPS Money Flow led by Kim Louden, GreatAmerica

Session 3:

You Sold It, Now What? Deal Implementation Success Secret

Hands-On: Stratify Your Customer Base & Run Effective QBRs

Session 4:

Hands-On: Create Your Unique, 10-Step MPS Business Plan led by Corey Smith, Dealer Marketing Systems & Tribute Media

Times Starts at 8:30, 1 1/2 hours for lunch, 15 minute break in morning and 30 minute break in afternoon. (done by 4:30).
Register for this pre-conference workshop,  here.

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  1. woah....woah....there! When are you highlighting the End User workshop?! ;)
    Ken is great, his content is always bleeding edge, and everyone is bound to learn something new. I'm hoping to escape to a few of his sessions if I can.....