Monday, April 11, 2011

The Future of Managed Print Services: Look Back to IBM and See Your Future

MPSaaS - Managed Print Services As A Service

The 'cloud' is nothing new - it's simply a new label for a VAX or SYS36, dumb terminal, thin-client, ARCNET, centralized environment.

But it could be another example of the evolutionary path we in MPS are following, knuckles dragging.

It was a little quip, a trifle really.  Drawing my eye.

A post over on the MSP Mentor site by Nicholas Mukhar, "IBM's Cast Iron Acquisition Fitting into Cloud Structure" exposing how one of IBM's recent purchases is helping "customers move from legacy systems to hybrid cloud model more easily..."

Another Hybrid model.

From an IBM conference:

“The question for IBM is ‘what do we need to do as an IT department to deliver services through a cloud environment?’” 

The answer, said Hall, lies in developing a cloud infrastructure that offers image management, security, isolation, heat and power management to help control energy consumption, and service automation management to help interpret, execute and build management plans.

"Imaging Management' - I keep saying it, the IT Guys don't think printing is as important as imaging.

Neither should we.

The 2011 Global MPS Conference is themed this year around Stage 3, "Enhance the business Process".

Look to the clouds for Stage 4.

MSP Mentor, here.

The IT Guys Are Stealing Managed Print Services- MPS Gets Redefined, Again

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