Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Global Managed Print Con, 2011 - Behind the scenes...

Deep within the bowels of the DOTC bunker, Western Command, a vast array of intelligence collecting apparatus hums 24/7.

Intercepting encoded messages revealing secret MFP plans. This machine sees all that is important.

But as every intelligence organization knows, human assets, feet on the ground, are most efficient and valuable.

And so it is with DOTC.

One of our 'assets' has been buried for years working as a lowly videographer at Photizo.

Let's just call her, Agent 99.

Eagerly awaiting activation, her GO code was issued April 1.

She has been covertly collecting 'behind the scenes' evidence of untold awesomeness.

Beware dear reader.  What you are about to witness is chilling.

Behind the Scenes: Global MPS Awesomeness Confernece from Agent 99 on Vimeo.

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