Thursday, April 14, 2011

Managed Print Services is Managed Services: Are You Fighting Convergence? From Paper Mills to Data Centers

Sweet, delicious, irony - the sticky, syrup of life.

Those once carbon spewing, river clogging, tree killing, 'death-plants' - I am of course referring to the paper mills and newspaper printing plants, are being assimilated by the very force that destroyed them; Google.

In a post over at InfoTrends, Jeff talks about how these huge facilities are perfect structures for mega-sized Data Centers.

This is nothing new.  A plant in Chicago, developed by the R.R. Donnelly Co in 1929, once churned out the Sears catalogs.

Closed in 1993, the facility was sold off and in 1999 converted to an IT and telecommunications center.

Today, the building is powered by more than 100 megawatts, supporting Chicago's commodity markets.

And the Borg? I mean, Google?

Well, their buying old paper mills all over the world - like in Finland.

Here are some of the criteria Google uses when looking at Data Center locations:

  • Large volumes of cheap electricity
  • Green energy sources
  • Proximity to rivers and lakes for cooling purposes
  • Large areas of land for more privacy and security
  • Proximity to other Google data centers for fast connections
  • Tax incentives

Next stop, Japan.

Go check out the blog.  Cool internet vs. print stats.

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