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Photizo Group CEO keynote helps CXOs learn about managed print services corporate benefits

Print & Imaging Summit Keynote Explains MPS Trifecta: Saving Time, Money and the Environment

     Photizo CEO Edward Crowley shares study results that validate corporate MPS advantages of cost savings, environmental benefits, IT productive 
      MPS can help companies cut costs by up to 30 percent and regain up to 10 percent of IT time

      Photizo Group is strategic event partner for Print and Imaging Summit

April 12, 2011, Midway, KY -- Organizations considering a move into managed print services (MPS) have a lot to gain -- and a lot to learn. The average firm cuts cost by 30 percent, but these MPS savings do not happen overnight. 

MPS is a more complex and far-reaching undertaking than most realize. In his Print and Imaging Summit keynote, Photizo Group CEO Edward Crowley helps CXO executives understand the complex issues – and powerful advantages – of a corporate MPS initiative.

Crowley is founder and CEO of Photizo, the worldwide authority on MPS trends and techniques, and the leader in MPS data collection, analysis and reporting. In the opening keynote on Tuesday, May 3, 4:15 – 5 PM, he brings valuable guidance and perspective to the corporate market. He will introduce MPS concepts, explain the challenges of embarking on MPS projects and acquaint the audience with benefits they may not have considered, such as reducing CO2 emissions and improving IT productivity. He will also share insights on what's next in convergence of IT outsourcing and MPS, with IT and business process optimization.

Crowley explained that the average reduction of hardcopy fleet carbon emissions after implementing MPS programs can be as much as 60 percent. It takes an average of about 3,700 IT support hours per year to manage a firm’s hardcopy fleet for a firm. After implementing MPS, an average of 10 percent of an IT firm’s hours are freed for other priorities.

“Getting a handle on printing costs and identifying opportunities for potential savings is why most organizations become interested in managed print services, but MPS does not stop at cost savings. MPS is part of a total IT strategy that boosts business optimization. Businesses that adopt MPS to cut costs soon realize a dramatic boost in IT efficiency,” said Crowley. “I’m looking forward to sharing ideas that CXOs can use to get their MPS strategies off to a good start and realize benefits in all categories.” 

CIO Panel Takes on MPS Success
In addition to Crowley’s keynote presentation, Dr. David Cameron, a member of Photizo’s Preferred Consulting Partner Program, will moderate a CIO Panel on the topic of “Successful MPS Implementations: What It Takes to be Successful and What to Avoid”
The CIO panelists joining Dr. Cameron are:
·       Earl Beauvais, Former head of major aerospace manufacturer’s MPS program
·       Jennifer Klassen, Director, Insight Enterprises - Winner of 2010 MPS Leadership Award
·       Theresa Muller, Director, University of Calgary

About the Print & Imaging Summit
The Everything Channel, a UBM company, selected Photizo as the strategic event partner for the upcoming Print & Imaging Summit, “Transforming the Print & Imaging Marketplace: How Innovators are Embracing a New Era of Disruptive Technologies and Services.” The summit takes place May 3 - 4, 2011 at The Peabody Orlando, Orlando, FL. The conference offers insight into how IT executives are adopting a wide range of print and imaging products from office printers and copiers to software applications and services, and formulating long-term strategies for print and imaging. Photizo and the Print & Imaging Summit will also be conducting a co-research survey at the event. The Print and Imaging Summit will be running concurrently with Photizo’s 2011 Global MPS Conference, May 2-4.

About Edward Crowley
Edward Crowley, founder and CEO of Photizo, has more 20 years of experience in the hardcopy industry, including leadership positions at QMS, DataProducts and Lexmark. Crowley is a board member of the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) and a speaker at conferences worldwide on the topics of brand strategy, the hardcopy markets, and marketing strategy and intelligence.
[NOTE TO EDITORS: A photo of Ed Crowley is available upon request.]
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About Photizo Group
Photizo Group is the market’s main source for ongoing business intelligence about the rapidly growing opportunity of managed print services (MPS). MPS involves managing hardcopy device fleets (copiers, printers, multifunction devices, and fax machines) in a unified fashion, often outsourcing this to an external vendor. Photizo Group provides the most complete body of research on the managed print services market. From its landmark MPS study in April 2008 to ongoing research covering North America, Europe and Asia, Photizo has emerged as a leader in dynamic business intelligence about the MPS market. The firm also offers proprietary studies and custom consulting. Vendors, dealers and enterprises can find MPS information and resources at www.photizogroup.com.

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