Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who is Everything Channel and Why Are They Important to You?

I know, I know - one more 'industry magazine' to read.

One more collection of sponsored advertisements dressed up as 'journalism'.

Another "leg" in the Research-Convention-Publication Triad.

Why yes...actually.

From their website:

"...Everything Channel is the premier provider of channel-focused research and consulting, events, media and custom solutions for the technology industry. Everything Channel provides integrated solutions to technology marketers for managing channel strategy to accelerate technology sales..."

I swear - I looked high and low, walked that site corner to corner and I could not find anything from RiKon,  KonicaMinolta or Kyocera.

I did find some entries from Xerox.

But down in the lower right-hand corner, under "Industry Events" I discovered a nugget -

"Print and Imaging Summit, Orlando Florida, May 3-4".  I seem to remember there being another show around the same time - an MPS show no less.

Coincidence?  Are there ever any real coincidences?

In the imaging industry, we have Questex - they own, iTEX, imagesource(the magazine) and Imaging Network - nothing wrong with this.

Everything Channel - by "channel" they are not referring to the office products or imaging channel.  This is a media group concerned about the technology channel.

If you can't see how the MPS Conference and the Everything Channel Conference fit together - it may be too late for you.

Photizo is partnering with EC for the EC Imaging Summit - that's traditionally, where IT folks get together and talk about the mysteries of print/imaging and documents.


It's Stage 3-4 and 5, right here today.

Aren't you glad you hang out with cutting edge, technocrats?

Managed Print Services is going to be an IT motion, not a purchasing, office products, or facilities decision.  And this transition is going to occur much sooner then most thought.

The train is leaving soon.

Get on board, if you want to rule the world....

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  1. Hey wait a minute Leopard Man!
    IT management is important to any large organizations success in my opinion, but the business decisions of the future will migrate back to the general business managers and line of business managers. Those that have P&L responsibility and are accountable to the success of their organization. IT, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Legal, etc are all just functional support groups to the business decision managers. Identify the CORE business of a company and you will find the real DECISION MAKERS.

    Today IT does NOT initiate change no more than the accountants or attorneys do.

    Just a different perspective

  2. Anon -

    I like you. You've got spunk.

    And you are absolutely correct.

    Indeed what you describe as IT is really nothing more then a Purchasing Model...only for IT, stuff. Facilitators. Primarily Stage 1&2.

    But this is today.

    The buzz, according to what I read and what I hear from some of our customers, is that CIO's(IT guys in general) recognize the need to be more engaged in supporting core business objectives - just like all the other C-Level's.

    And no, not a different perspective.

    Up the chain, one most go. Get to the person telling IT what to do.