Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Does Your MpS World Reside in Toner & Service?


This is a three minute advertisement. Unfortunately, Oracle hasn't paid me a dime.

The statistics within are stunning - reflecting a huge scale and compressed timeline like never, ever before. Moore's Law applied to content.

I love the folks who argue "...paper will never go away..." or "...MPS is only about devices, toner remote monitoring and increasing volume..."

Well, sit back, watch this three minute reflection and projection - and listen to all those 'clicks' fade...away...

Content is increasing, not prints...

Prezi on steroids!

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  1. The consept of managing devices is "simple", tangible. But, how do you see the future of managing content? I'm especially thinking about the businessmodel. Where do you see us generating revenue?

  2. John - thank you for reading.

    "Managing Content" - At the 2011 Global MPS Conference, friends and I were joking about "MpS in the Cloud".

    I rhetorically suggested MPS as a Service, "MPSaaS" as a joke.

    But then again...let's call it Managed Content Services.

    Managed Content Services includes "...the active management of components and processes associated with creating, capturing, moving and presenting content...".

    Successful MCS would result in lower costs.

    The business model could include MCS in a SaaS model. And be billed on a "Cost Per Incident", by seat or subscription basis.

    A revenue stream generated by activity...

    But there is more to this 'content' thing...there is the DarkContent aspect...

    Huge on the Scale_Galactic.

    Thanks again for reading, keep coming back.