Monday, June 27, 2011

The Greg_Walters, DOTC, Top 27 Posts of 2011 - 2012

From 2011

Christmas in June.

Whenever writers find themselves getting a little behind, unable to get the flow of creativity, they rehash old subject matter and content.

  1. Managed Print Services Engagements vs. Copier Service Agreements - Tell me Again, why we don't comp copier Reps on Service contracts?
  2. Managed Print Services Another DOTC Leopard - ReDux - Jennifer Shutwell. How to Steal MPS Clients
  3. Managed print Services Tunnel Vision - Are You Focusing On One Thing
  4. Managed Print Services - Practice What You Preach
  5. Managed Print Services, the Copier and the Traditional Copier Dealer : End of Days
  6. CIO's: What to Look for In A Managed Print Services Company. The Perfect 10.
  7. Achieve Managed Print Services Immortality "...Simply By Doing One...Great...Thing..." - Keep Walking
  8. Repeat After Me: "Managed Print Services is Business Process Management, MPS is BPM, MPS is BPM"" - FireWork
  9. "If You Don't Stand for Something, You'll Fall for Anything..."
  10. Managed Print Services Practices Managers: Are You Selling MPS Internally ? - Over and Over again.
  11. CNET Needs Managed Print Services - So Says Molly Wood
  12. Skylar, Dr. Dre, Em, and Ri - On and Off Stage, an Orchestra, Lights, Video - Lot's of Moving Parts. Just Like Managed Print Services
  13. Managed Services: Let's Have a Cold Call Blitz!!
  14. You're Not In Managed Print Services If -
  15. The Separation Begins: Managed Print Services True Believers Leaving the Pack
  16. Who is Everything Channel and Why Are They Important to You?
  17. The Future of Managed Print Services: Look Back to IBM and See Your Future
  18. HP to Purchase Xerox. Joins CISCO, IBM & MicroSoft in move offshore. Upside Down World.
  19. History - Study It, or be Doomed to Repeat It...
  20. Managed Print Services, Stage IV: What the Hell is Managed Network Services(MNS)? You're Kidding, right?
  21. Ricoh Announces Purchase of White Castle - Strengthen Channel with "Bags of Sliders"
  22. I use to think Managed Print Services would be a sub-set of MSP, but maybe it will end up the other way around.
  23. Samsung Snags World's Largest ElectroWetting Company. What about the Silver Nanoparticles?
  24. Managed Print Services Stuck in Stage 1&2 - And I Know Why...
  25. "The Things We Think And Do Not Say. The Future of Our Business...", Managed Optimization Services
  26. Does Your MpS World Reside in Toner & Service? Your Scale is small, Depth Shallow, and Vision Stunted. Buh Bye.
  27. Another DOTC Leopard: 2011 MPSA MPS Leadership Award Winner, Kevin DeYoung, QualPath

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