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Friday, June 24, 2011

Greg Walters, Everything Channel, Paige Coverage, Xerox and You - A Teachable Moment

June 2011

Controversy and Fire.

Dignity and Water.

DOTC has grown into a personality of its own; bigger than imagined, larger than MpS.  Although I rarely claim to be anything more than a 'thought leader', I am often referred to as rebellious, contrarian, and controversial.

So Be It.

The views expressed here are my own; the content for MY pleasure.

Life often sends us golden nuggets, wrapped in discomfort. Some call these moments, 'teachable'.

My recent run-in with a fellow blogger is just such a nugget and two great organizations rise above the fray.

I have received apologies from Xerox and Everything Channel - by email and phone.

I have accepted both and present them here for You.

Thank you to everyone who called me, emailed, offered, and posted words of support.  I am humbled and grateful.

Submitted for your review:

Xerox - 


I want to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest apologies for the Paige Coverage post made on regarding you. The views in the post were made by an employee of Everything Channel and not by an MBA in a cube @ Xerox. While Xerox does sponsor the BizTransformCenter, Xerox does not review or control any posts made to this blog. Hmm…we shall review that strategy.

We clearly don’t support these comments and posts by Paige and I’ll call you personally to clarify this unfortunate series of events.


Tom Gall


Everything Channel

Dear Greg,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. I am writing to extend my deepest apologies for the June 21, 2011 blog post by Paige Coverage on the Managed Print Services Community site, which is part of the CRN Community platform. The blog entitled, “Greg Walters Leaves a Trail of His Own Ignorance,” included several negative comments about you and your blog “The Death of The Copier is The Death of MpS.”

The post was a badly misjudged attempt to stir community participation and debate. Instead, it focused on personal criticisms of you and your blog site, and was done in very poor taste.

While the opinions represented by Paige Coverage are by no means the opinion of Xerox, United Business Media, Everything Channel, or CRN, such a disclaimer does not excuse the content of the June 21 blog, which overstepped the boundaries of professional communication.

We deeply regret the over-zealousness, poor judgment, and lack of taste of the June 21 blog.

We apologize for its appearance, and any negative repercussions it may have caused you.


Adelaide J. Reilly
Vice President, Integrated Solutions Management
Everything Channel


'nuf said...

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  1. Greg,
    Nice. Thanks for sharing. I wanted to apologize as well for coming off as such a jerky photographer.

    Justin West

  2. Glad to hear the mps sandbox is calm again... also: I like the new headshot.

  3. I'm personally glad to see the professionalism exhibited by Xerox, EverythingChannel and Leopard One. In today's world of instantaneous sharing, it is important for us all to remember that sometimes we make mistakes and speak to hastily. I think the world would be a better place if we all slowed down and gave more thought to what we say and share in this connected world. There are so many examples of our human err being exposed to the world.

    Thank you Greg, Xerox and EverythingChannel.

    PS The web portal looks excellent. I good start for any VAR exploring the field of MPS.


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