Thursday, June 16, 2011

We talk about the death of the copier.

Humans, fight the machine.

"Make Love, not War..."
"Make Content, not Prints..."

Holy crap.

...and the kissing Vancouverians are showing up everywhere...say hello, Tank Boy.

Question on the LinkedIn, "Death of the Copier" group.


"We talk about the death of the copier. what does take over !! even in case an MFP it copies as well ! can we do without the copying function !!"

Greg Walters • Hi All - Let me answer...

"TheDeathOfTheCopier" has grown into a metaphor; the Death Of Copying, The Death of Selling Copiers, The Death of Selling Like Copier People.

But it is true, copiers are dying - copying is decreasing. With the A4 MFP's, print volume is captured and shrinking but not as quickly as real, off the glass, copying. One exception may be those towers of efficiency, governments - they may always copy off the glass.

Overall, to answer the question, yes the act of copying is is printing...

But TheDeathOfTheCopier means more today than when I created it - now, I am referring to the death of all things copied - sales processes, philosophies, societies, you, me, all of us.

I do not know what to precisely call it, but there is a new age here - technologies accelerating, time compressing squeezing out more originality...

Or, it could simply be the Jack Daniels talking... I dunno...

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