Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The MpS Ecosystem Contracts: Who could be next? I and hardware...merging as One.

So he says to me, "Greg, what the hell happened in Orlando? Since then, it seems DOTC has been watered down on the hot babes."

Point Taken. So instead of watering them down, let's break out the oil, pop cycles and champagne.

And for good measure, throw in a goofy, baggy-crotched pants guy, sporting a wicked, Tourette-like twitch.

Caution - Kitchen counters are slippery when wet..

I am pretty certain the acquisition wave is not completely ashore, just yet - but who is next?

Shall we spread a rumor about White Castle buying Canon?

Can you see Lexmark part of anybody once her patents run out?(didn't know about that one, did you?)

Or should we focus on the fact that Ricoh is going to layoff enough employees to form a separate MDS company?

No. I'm scaling down my vision and looking to the east. East coast of the U.S. that is...oh, and a bit north. Into Canada...

Machine to Machine(M2M) communication refers to one machine communicating with another. Telemetry in the old days.

We in MpS are familiar with this as it is part and parcel of every remote monitoring software out here. My fleet of machines"report" back to me.  More appropriately, back to a server/machine.

MWA Intelligence  is a company on the hardware side. Developing M2M apparatus.

PrintFleet created software that reads the MIB and reports back to a server.

I dunno - maybe somin happens, the way things usually do, and baddah bing, baddah boom - Mike's chocolate is in Brian's peanut butter...

I'm jus sayin, stranger things have happened, capeesh? For-get 'bout it...

Honestly, I have no idea, no evidence, nobody tells me nothing.

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