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Lyra Sees the MpS Ecosystem Through the OEM/Enterprise Kaleidoscope

Its like we share a brain, except DOTC doesn't have a staff and was on this page 12 months ago...Yeah, I know, I have self-esteem issues.

An article posted on The Imaging Channel caught my eye, "Managed Print Services: OEM Strategies". The headline piqued but the source engaged - Lyra.

Of all the research groups I know, only two command my attention. One is Lyra. I trust their opinion to be honest. Sometimes, I may not agree with their observations but that is okay.

If you are an MpS'r from way back, say 24 months(!), what the Big 3 say is of no surprise; if you are a steady reader of DOTC, again, no surprise.

Lyra spoke with the Xerox, HP and Ricoh during the first half of 2011. The article is a reflection of all three.

The caveat is these discussions orbit around enterprise level MPS engagements - not that there is no value - its just that when interviewing at this level, the information is more proactive than responsive - the OEMs projecting their view of MPS, not necessarily reflecting the real MpS.

Regardless, it is the Future.

OEM's  always present Marketing Content vs. Pure Content - nothing wrong with this.  It is the way of the world.  In the 'olden days' this was called 'copywriting' - something I learned while at Young and Rubicam - nobody wanted to 'write copy' for the Uniroyal account - effectively selling tires in the newspaper.

Anyway, check out the article.  Skip the marketing content and head to the last page, Lyra's view.

Five points, here are some of my thoughts:

LYRA - "...Major printing and imaging OEMs have been the primary source of MPS messaging over the past few years. These companies have focused on the effects of the economic recession and businesses’ requirements to do more with less. Most of the strategies these companies have offered have centered on having a large OEM provide all aspects of an MPS engagement. Lyra believes this trend is shifting. OEMs will have less control over MPS messaging, and a variety of companies will be involved at all levels and in all roles of MPS, including the crucial reseller role..."

- DOTC - The OEMs are losing control. OEMs who embrace this, at all levels, will prevail.

- LYRA - "...The constant struggle over supplies is a key control point that will continue and intensify throughout the value chain, including manufacturers, channel partners and customer sites. Now that the MPS market is expanding beyond OEMs to include aftermarket players and managed service providers (MSPs), it is important for supplies vendors to make sure that they maintain or increase their market share..."

- DOTC - Supplies vendors roles are being minimized. The pool of clicks is shrinking, at the hand of MpS Purity. Innovation and Leaps of Faith may save a few, but on the whole, it doesn't feel good.

- LYRA - "...MPS must be actively integrated with various IT services from MPS providers. This trend will become especially popular as document digitization, workflow management and related fields that are central to traditional IT become core competencies for printer- and copier-related service providers..."

- DOTC - I know first hand the truth of this statement and the difficulty around integrating.  Stage 1&2 are mechanically challenging.  Into the 3, 4 &5th stages more cerebral and require an even greater mental shift.

- LYRA - "...There is growing acknowledgement in the industry that a wide continuum exists between comprehensive, OEM-dominated MPS engagement opportunities and more piecemeal approaches. The market is still maturing, and many potential new MPS clients still exist, but they are continuing to decrease in number. With an increasing number of clients already engaged in the MPS market in at least one form or another, the greatest opportunity exists among customers who are looking to add or swap out pieces and parts rather than become involved for the first time in a full-scale MPS engagement..."

- DOTC - Well stated.  It is always nice to be acknowledged.

"...For some time, services have been the “next big thing” in IT, and this fits in nicely with companies’ MPS strategies. Now mobility and cloud conversions are pervasive in IT and the printing and imaging industry, and MPS is joining them..."

- DOTC - I see it the other way around, IT is joining the MpS motion.

More from the article:

"Lyra announced the launch of its new Managed Print Advisory Service (MPAS) on March 21, 2011, and the trends mentioned above will be among the key factors that the service will monitor, analyze and forecast. Close interaction between Lyra’s Observer and MPAS staff will ensure that insights and developments will be available to both Observer readers and MPAS clients. Please contact Tom Sandock at 617-454-2621 for more information regarding Lyra’s MPAS service.

Complete articles that include the actual interviews are available to Hard Copy Observer subscribers at"

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