Monday, July 25, 2011

Managed print Services Success - Individual Focus, Self-Actualization, Vision and Grosse Pointe Blank

Grosse Pointe is an affluent suburb of Detroit. Where the automotive executives lived - big houses, nice lawns, and teenage kids with IROCS-Z's, 'Stangs 5.0's and MOPAR's.

This movie takes place in Grosse Pointe. Its a story of self discovery, cloaked in a goofy, dark comedy about international hit men; a ten year class reunion as a backdrop.

It is a great movie, nice actors, guns and good music. Too cool.

So what is the MpS/Selling tie in?  Self-Actualization, Focus and the Integrated Real Life(IRL).

Visualize what, or in Martin Blank's case, who you want, know who you are and all interruptions will be ignored.  Those who seek your failure, will melt into the past.  Or end up wearing a TV party hat.

Its only 8 minutes long...turn down the volume, and let it rip.

" connection between all living things..."

MpS, Selling, and You - Integrate.

Once you know who you are, the essence of you, it becomes easier to see your place in the world; even better, it is easier to make your place in the world.

Everything is connected, all the "components and processes associated with creating, moving, storing and presenting", yourself are inter-related, connected - you are the Nexus.

Do you know who you are?

Selling Mps, for example, is easier once you know what the hell it is(duh) - not as it is for everyone, but what it is for YOU - not your manager, owner, OEM, or most of all, those MpS consultant types.

What does MpS mean to you?  What has it meant for your clients? And don't blurt out, "...I don't have any." or "...all I have is my church..."

Did you save somebody money?  Did you honestly stick to meaningful, relevant, quarterly business reviews?  Do you like what you do?

" soul was empty, it was up to me to fill it..."

Do you like...You?  Of course you do.  You are not alone, you are not broken, you are relevant.

Envision yourself, this new-found self, in front of the CIO of your biggest target account.

Now do something absolutely unheard of - tell him who you are, what you do.

Don't flipping try any of that corporate sales crap.  No "selling techniques".  The "C' in his title should tell you he's seen it ALL before - all the sales tricks.  Trial closes, month-end specials, special lease deals, 'saving money'.

And ask honest, open, questions.  And be ready for any answer.

Don't lead, investigate.
Don't push, attract.

After your done talking, ask him if you thinks there may be a fit - then, shut the hell up.


I suggest you don't take your sales manager or your executive management - each may find it necessary to justify his existence at your expense.

"...make this gun work..."

When you get the chance to move forward, use the tools you know, work within your limitations and prove yourself.

Get to work.

"You've got my blessing..."

Once you've proven yourself - and now you will know you're proven because you know you - step forward and ask for the deal, the engagement, agreement to move forward.

Guess what.

When you truly know make your position, it only makes sense to trust your work, which is a product of who you are. Now that you know yourself, trust your work and results, if somebody challenges your recommendations, which is your identity, you are ready, confident, and focused.

Its also easier to recognize those around you who do not know themselves or have made a place for themselves.

Martin Blank found himself by understanding he was running away from what he ran away from in high school.

Once he realized this, once he self-actualized, he integrated completely and created his place in the world.


There is a little secret - this applies to MpS, copier sales, car sales, EDM sales or selling your S/O on seeing Transformers vs. Twilight.

Know yourself, integrate then shift.

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