Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ricoh and U - MDS vs. MpS: "MpS is 10%, MDS is 90% of the solution..." - I love it.

It's the infamous, IKON iceberg. Won't this thing EVER melt?
When the MPSA struggled for months to determine the definition of MpS we stumbled and bumbled our way in the dark.

Each of us had different views and perspectives: OEM's, Independent dealers, toner reman's, parts suppliers, consultants, and end users.  Oh, and ONE VAR.(Jus sayin)

I was impatient - we needed something NOW and I had a definition ready to go.

My version did not include reference to hardware, but the MPSA had to include 'devices'.

I didn't want the word 'print' but quickly acquiesced agreeing that 'print' allowed the concept to be easily identifiable.

Here is what we, the MPSA came up with:

"Managed print services is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes." - MPSA, July, 2010

Here was my definition back then:

"...the act of managing components and processes associated with moving, saving and presenting information in the form of documents..." - DOTC, March, 2010

And here is my current definition of MOS(MpS):

"...the act of managing the optimization of resources and processes associated with information ..." - GRW, 5/9/2011

Why would I be so insistent about leaving 'hardware' out of the equation?  I don't want to be pigeon-holed, I don't think real MpS has anything to do with hardware or even PRINT.

Most importantly, I didn't want those who felt like I,  to find this weakness and project above the MPSA definition.

Well, guess what?  Ricoh and MDS, that's what.

She said it, right there on stage, the set it up perfect, displaying the MPSA definition on the 10 foot tall screen.

And then the 'spike' - the title of the next slide,  "MPS vs. MDS" and that dreaded iceberg.  I was stunned.

The presenter went on, "...MpS is simply the 10% above the water line, Ricoh MDS is represented by the 90% below the water..." - EDM, content, process, document and change management...

F'n brilliant.  I mean that. Genius.

Ricoh MDS is redefining MpS - No.  Ricoh MDS is KILLING MpS - NUKING THE SITE FROM ORBIT.

In two PowerPoint slides, she minimized all of YOU who think MpS is simply toner, service, and optimizing output devices into the 10%. Three years in the making, hundreds of thousands of consultant and MpS training dollars spent,  all of you hybrid-like dealers, independents and your expanded self-image - POOF.

You should feel the chill, but you don't, because you're too hopped up fighting the loosing CPC vs.CPI, OEM vs. Third party, copier vs. MFP battle.  You Are Unaware.

Ricoh may have growing pains with all of their acquisitions, but they are talking the talk.  If the message is carried into the field, admittedly a most difficult transformation, Ricoh will prevail over Xerox and HP.

I was there.  I saw it with my own eyes, heard it with my own ears.

Things Ricoh should do:

Focus on the document/content...wait, that's in their talk track now...

Build demo rooms that accent the document, not the device...wait, they already do that...

Incorporate change management into their MDS process...wait, they already do that...

Invest up to $300 million into their MDS program...wait, they already do that...

Reduce staff by nearly 10,000...wait, they already did that...

Produce a travelling MDS roadshow for prospects & dealers...wait, they already have that...

Kill MpS...wait...well, you get the point...

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  1. Dear Leopard One,

    I'm shocked! You let a manufacturer's presentation take you far away into the future.
    If the Ricoh MDS presentation proclaims that mps is only the 10% of the iceberg, then they have sorely misrepresented the research data that produced the iceberg analogy and the percentages of document cost. Using the only industry research data supplied originally by ALL Associates you could argue that MPS only represents the cost of the document up to the document management portion (47%). I do agree that Ricoh's MDS does go beyond the normal mps programs but to say that mps only represents the 10% of document costs is erroneous, false, untrue and unfounded. Maybe you misunderstood the presentation?

    I challenge those that believe MPS is dead to examine their revenues and profits. Show me a company that earns 50% or more of their revenues from consulting fees and software and I'll show you a true Stage 3 and 4 managed service provider.

    There will always be hardware, supplies and components other than labor and software that make up mps.

    Less output is a good thing. Optimized and improved business processes are great. Continuous improvement whether for an individual or an organization is outstanding.

    Don't burn your ship on the shore of the "paperless" island just yet my friend.

  2. MPS Joe -

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    I may have mis-stated. MpS doesn't represent 10% of the COSTS, only 10% of the MDS SOLUTION.

    Something DOTC has seen since the very beginning, if we allow the "P" to remain, we will get left behind.

    Irony - Yes a manufacturer's talk track!

    And yes, until we start hearing about manufacturing plants being shuttered, MpS, MDS, OPS, PMS or whatever is STILL MARKiTECTURE...

    Here's another little tidbit:

    This particular Ricoh and U was standing room only - at least 300 people.

    Half, 50%, were prospects/clients.

    I know, I was there, I broke bread with many.

    50% End Users. "Half, Eddie!"

    How many end users attended Orlando?

    How many end users are in the MPSA?

    MpS is mainstream.

    The OEM's are defining MpS in their likeness.

    And a 50% end-user attendance rate tells me, it don't matter what the vision is, it don't matter if you call yourself a hybrid; reality is harsh.

    Burn the ships? Too late for that.

    "...Nuke the site from orbit...its the only way to be sure..."