Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Three Musketeers Team - "Just was an off day..."

"There are things in this world worth fighting and dying for...

We're Warriors, its who We are...

We are surrounded by enemies...
War will engulf the entire ecosystem...
Only We can prevent the coming Apocalypse...

You want to be a Leopard?
Your chance is coming..."

Team Building -

Forty, four hundred or four, a team within a team, small, agile, aware flexible, effective.

Small societies within an organization, sub-culture, focused on tactics supporting corporate goals. Personalities, pressures, friction, perspectives - each different and all important.

Developing and maintaining a Team is tough work.  It takes a plan(strategy, tactics & goals), great people(hiring), discipline(commitment, focus), transparency(involve everyone with everything), preparation(white boards and bar napkins) and Vision(God given talent).

Team building is not strictly for those who don't sell and end up in management - oh no.

As a selling professional you already have a team - leasing folks, your service department, your executive staff, ownership, the sales manager, content specialists, accounts receivable, dispatch, Help desk, technicians, distributors, software houses, and OEM's.

They ALL work for you.  No really.  Think about it...wait for it...wait...for it...wait...okay, never mind - go get another cup of Joe...sheeeesh.

Granted, this team is more like your extended family - you had little choice in the hiring process. Yet I submit to you, they are dying for direction, more likely starving for it, wounded, and not even dead.(whaaaa?)

Could you, the 'lowly sales schlep' be a team leader?

I bet you already are...

wow...I am so easily amused.  The Three Musketeers and Team Selling?  Who the hell woulda thunk. 

Oh, and the movie may suck, but the trailer rocks the rapier...the woman?  Lilu, Alice...Milla that's her.  Grrrr Baby Grrrrr.

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