Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WineHouse - WTF?

Sax, Violin, Gongs, Horns, and Leopard print, clad birds...

60's style, UK panache, underground DOTC book launch party...whadda say 'bout that?

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  1. Greg. You're right on. The honest to goodness truth is TRUE MPS has very little to do with printers. It has everything to do with people. The true optimization comes when behaviors are predicted and improved through incentives to change. MPS End-User Businesses have incentives such as lower costs of printing and potential for increased revenue. They in turn can provide incentives to their employees (financial, social and mental). The problem then...is what incentive do most MPS Providers have to change their customers' printing and thus ultimately buying (of lots of hardware and supplies) behavior? Why would an OEM WANT to teach their customers to NOT "Hit Print?"