Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#BoA Bank of America and the Signature Card

Today, I found myself in a Bank of America, finishing up what I figured would be a 15 minute job.

Sixty minutes later, I was out the door; a new signature card in the system, an additional account added to the DOTC one, new BoA online user account, second ATM card secured and activated, checks ordered.

While completing a wire transfer, all my personal information was set up so I would rarely, if ever, need to step foot into another branch again.

Taping out on the Droid,  registration completed and passage confirmed for the upcoming Preo/HP event in Seattle, DOA procedures outlined and initiated for one of lastweeks installs(I was told that HP's never arrived dead, I was misinformed), client confirmation of delivery and invoicing for 3 Edgelines.

All from inside the bank.

No Fax
No Printing

And did you catch the part about "never needing to step inside a branch, again"?

My account costs me nothing, no monthly fee, as long as I use the ATM machine once a month and opt in to email statements - no printed statement.

And you've seen the ATMs right?  No envelopes for cash or checks; the dang thing reads (scans with OCR) everything.

The manager and I strike up a conversation because he notices the name of the business, "TheDeathOfTheCopier".

"That's a pretty catchy name.  I remember when everybody was selling those things.  I had them coming into my office everyday trying to sell me copiers.  Don't see those sales people anymore.  Is Xerox still around?"

Of course, I couldn't hold my tongue, "Yes, Xerox is still around, just different. I noticed you don't have any copiers.  And I bet, not that long ago, you had a printer at every desk.  Heck, just a few years ago, you probably had more desks and more employees, let alone, more copiers, right?"

"Sure did, " he responded.

"Yeah, you see, all those copiers, just sorta died, wouldn't you say?"

"I guess so. Huh"

It's everywhere.  What we do, touches everything.


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