Monday, September 5, 2011

DOTC - How to Manager Your Manager

What is the primary function of a Sales Manager?

Let's say you're selling copiers - no big stretch there.

Your company/dealer/branch conducts Monday morning group meetings followed by individual, one on one, 'Sales funnel' sessions.

Consider the following:

Scenario 1 - New Sales Rep

Your company owned, CRM has to be updated, all the stages of the cycles illustrated and filled.

Your funnel covers 150% of your quota - all target accounts diagrammed, bases covered, red-flags seen.    Number of appointments, number of cold calls, demo's, etc. etc. etc.

All normal and ordinary. You're ready and prepared for that meeting with your Sales Manager.

Scenario 2 - Old Salt

Same company, same meeting.

You've been moving copiers since 1980 and remember selling machines on real cold calls; face to face, demo in the lobby, one appointment close.

All your prospects' and clients' business cards are at your fingertips. You've worked with more sales managers than you can remember.

Your Monday morning routine includes reminding the Sales Manager why you're still there, how much gear you've landed over the past decade and how many more are coming down in the next 30 days.  You present this verbally, because you don't get paid to play with spreadsheets and computers.

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Unfortunately, this Monday is different.

Today, senior management is in on the meeting to introduce the new manager.  Today, you get to meet the new guy, your new manager.

So you're both in the same spot. Now what?

Listen to the introductions, nod your head, play their game and become part of their agenda.

Is that really what you want to do? Does your manager hold dominion over you? Really?

How about you try to help him define his role in supporting you?

How about you show him he works for you?

What, you think that can't be done?

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