Sunday, September 25, 2011

End Of Summer, End of Days - What Next?

The 23rd of September, fall equinox, was the last day of summer up here in the northern hemisphere.

The Spring Equinox seems like decades ago.  Remembering the Turn that was Summer 2011 one can barely imagine what the next 3 months will bring.

What about the next 12 months?

Unemployment is still up.

Gold is way up.  HP down.

Since 2007, that will be five years ago pretty soon, the only aspect of our world that has steadily increased is the use of technology.  Our technology has forced the growth of content faster and faster.

There isn't today and there never will be, a paperless office - Less paper, but never paperless.

The social networks carry more and more.  Netflix is chewing up bandwidth,  FB has become mundane.  Tablets shipping everywhere, $99.

The Apple store at Fashion Island was packed on a Tuesday afternoon.

Droid, Win8, HP is out, no their in, no their out, wait...we don't know, iPad 2, iPhone 5, thin client, zero client - and the cloud.

That always growing, ever changing "cloud" - Google, Salesforce, Box, on and on.

What about managed print Services(MpS) or selling copiers?  With all this cool stuff going on, you're selling copiers?


MpS is everywhere.

I bet your mom's place of business has it by now.  Well they may have MPS on their printers, and service on the copiers. Huh.

We tend to see our world through the prism of our past, our environment.

A gold fish see's the world outside his bowl; disjunct, light bent.

It's reality relative to the outgoing view - it does not see itself or any connecting relationships.

World Expo revealed an interesting statistic, we have approximately 1,500 dealer-types in our imaging/BTA channel.  There are approximately 15,000 VARs in various channels. That's 10x.

Our fish bowl is smaller than theirs. The big fish in our bowl, aren't all that big.  Our bowl, isn't all that important.

Is our view of the world disjunct or skewed?  There is more to life than scan-once-print-many.

There is more than a new RADF.

More than the latest tool, version, merger, model, or machine.

THE world is about iPods and iPads, FB and Twitter - content, content, content.  The movement, the collection and the flow of content.  The processes around the content. Bank records, newspapers, Ebooks and the printed word.  Payroll, MICR toner, accounts payable and your 401k.

Your cell phone, your clients' smart phone and the new IP system they just installed; voice mail and WebEx. Skype, layoffs, healthcare and the TeaParty - Obama's last golf match and SEAL TEAM Six - all of this matters.

If you're not seeing the real world and singularly concentrating on sales funnels, quota's or getting your sales manager to 'club', you're selling yourself and your clients short.

Integration, not separation.  Integration of everything. No more boxes.

I suggest that if you learn more about your entire world, determine where your MpS fits, own it, and then talk with people, your prospects, by the next spring equinox, you'll be happier and in a bigger fishbowl.

For now, Wake Me Up, When September Ends...

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