Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holy CRAP!!!! Meg is In, Leo is Lost...and HP/Mother Blue? Slow-Motion, Disintegration

"...the Sky Shall Shatter the Heavens into Stars..."


HP has let Leo go - not surprising, and still shocking.

Meg is in, not surprising and still shocking.

The leaks, the rumors, the change in plans, the mystery, intrigue and tragedy that is HP.

Remember what started it ALL - Hurd's girl. Which is only saying Hurd started this.

But Meg? No really?

I do not dislike Meg, its just that I was out here when she ran for governor.

Stilted. Stiff. Planned, formula, handled.

No innovation. She appeared stuck in the old ways. She was overly advised, not genuine.

It seems to me, the HP board resurrected captain Ahab from the depths and put her on the bridge of the USS Ronald Reagan.

DOTC is calling it right now - NO GOOD SHALL COME OF THIS.

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  1. What comes around goes around HP, the universe is a b#!%h

  2. Meg took eBay to FeeBay and then left with 10 million dollars picked from the pocketbooks of many small eBay businesses that ended up closing when the fees got so high.
    What's she got planned for the small dealers in the HP world?