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Monday, September 19, 2011

Photizo in May, Preo/SNi in June, World Expo July, rained out Xerox in August, Muratec/Vegas, SuppliesNetwork/HP Seattle in September, OPS Elite October

What do you say we finish this year out in Australia? Eh?

I spent 2 days and 5 nights in Vegas last week, for my very first Muratec dealer conference.

It was awful nice being invited, on account, I just signed up 30 days ago and haven't sold a single box.

The venue could be called small and intimate relative to the bigger shows, like Photizo, or the other OEM's - I liked it.

A little bit of background.

When I first got into selling technology, there was IBM PS/2's and Compaq desktops; the MicroChannel versus EISA architecture  - #1 and #2.  The Compaq folks were more willing, more attentive, and more fun - their events rocked.

IBM? Unless you're Mike Stramaglio, how much fun can you have in a pinstripe suit at 12:30 AM?

When I served time in IKON, there was Canon at #1 with Ricoh a very close #2.  Again, the Ricoh folks, tried harder, worked with us, and were a hell of a lot more fun, especially in Vegas, at the Wynn.(Jus sayin, I've seen them in action)

Just like Compaq, Ricoh knew their place as well, at number 2. They knew. They didn't pretend to be the largest or most installed. They didn't have big laser beams and fog machines at the national conference.

Point is this, #2 always tries harder - so wouldn't an admitted "third tier" player try even harder?

The answer, Yes.

Jim D'Emidio, President at Muratec America, Inc. is a class act. My many conversations with him regarding the direction of MpS as it relates to his existing dealer channel and the good service I have received from the people at Muratec, made my decision to join an easy one.

Three Points:

1. The product line is already rationalized, small, easier to service.
2. I only need a fit, when I need a fit - as a VAR, we only stock client-owned inventory.
3. If I want an MFX-5555 painted leopard with my face on the user panel, Mike Lopez would try.

There ya go.

A bit of a contrast when compared to, say, that great big sideways cross.

My now three-year journey with them has resulted in naught. Odds are, I could sell more "X-Boxes" (I have 79 Edgelines coming up) than Muratecs, but Mother X doesn't know how to handle that "no commitment, no show floor, I want to service my own, and don't shove 12 weeks of MpS training/mentorship at me..." thing.

Back to the Muratec conference:

The expert panel was somewhat academic - they really needed someone up there who had been selling MpS 24 hours before the conference and was heading home to sell more, jus sayin.

The breakouts were good. Ken Stewart, fellow Leopard, presented well on the subject of transformation.

And then there was Mike with MWA, personally, my favorite presentation. Because after two years of asking, discussing, and generally quizzing him, I still didn't have a clear picture of what the hell Mike and his company actually did.

Well, in the first 15 minutes of Mike's presentation, Kevin DeYoung, another DOTC Leopard and I had the explanation:

"MWA utilizes and creates technology that allows Machine-to-Machine(M2M) and Machine-to-People(M2P) communication"  

- MWA makes stuff that lets your devices in the field call for service directly.


I've been presenting MpS to clients and peers for over 4 years now - at the Photizo conferences, Ricoh/IKON, etc. And in all that time,  I've only heard the words "pornography" and "shitter" in two presentations, one was mine.

Mike's presentation went off script, if it was ever on script,  he spoke the truth about technology and our changing world.  How we can't let our old ways, our past successes,  hold us back.  How generations of new users, workers, and citizens are rising up, expecting more.

Mike killed it, the morning after - no walks of shame.

Big Thanks to Mike, Gavin, and our Horde who invaded Marquee Thursday night. Props on the Kettle One bottle service as well. Nicely done.

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