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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"The Death of the Copier is going Down Under: Let's Zig in a World of Zags"

Oct 31- Nov 1.

When I first let the Death of the Copier genie out of the bottle, back in the wild days of 2007, I did not know what to expect. Indeed, I had no expectations at all.

As the popularity grew, I noticed more visits from the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Even more than the US.

 I credited this phenomena to the US having "real", MPS experts, folks with lots of letters behind their name, answering MPS/Sales questions on their 'real' websites - nobody would come to a goofy blog called "The Death of..." anytihng.

So I went out to see for myself; call it a digital walkabout. I explored every instance I could of "Managed Print Services". Back then, when I Googled the phrase, nothing came back.

Nobody else.

I Googled "MPS Training" - again, nothing - at first. Soon, MPS training classes started to pop up, a quick gander at the agenda revealed one blaring truth, these guys were repackaging copier sales techniques into MpS sales training.

Now, if I were truly on the outside looking in, I probably wouldn't see the difference. If I had not been in the copier industry, had never been involved in the IT industry or not been trained on solution selling, by software companies, back in the 80's - I probably would have not been able to see.

Heck, if I wasn't freshly into MPS I wouldn't had cared. But all this was true, I was looking for somebody who knew more than I about MPS – I was disappointed.

Oh, there were a few - and they are still around: Jim Lyons, Ken Stewart, Art Post, Ed Crowely(Photizo) - followed by Nath Dube. We admitted to "making it up as we went along"- great fun.

DOTC was alone in the wilderness. Talking about MpS and getting echo's back - except with Australia. For some reason, the folks down under were coming to my site.

Fast forward a few years - DOTC is now considered a 'go to source' for information on MpS and nano-technology.  The nano-tech thing is way out there, just beyond the reach, out on the Edge.

DOTC is knows for scantily clad ladies and contrarian views. For pole dancers, movie clips, honest real world MpS/Sales stories and Attitude.

Always, Attitude.
When I think back on the history of DOTC, we have always turned and evolved. DOTC over the past 3 years, has been a couple of steps ahead of the industry in seeing our direction. Dumb luck, I say.  And yet...

Well today, there is this:

1.  Everybody does MpS
2.  Stage 1 and Stage 2 are no longer cutting edge
3.  Paperless office is a myth

In Sydney, let's have a little chinwag about how innovation, transformation and convergence can lead to a full integration in your MpS practice. How thinking inside, outside or around the box isn't viable because there is no box. Nothing is out of scope for MpS because it is all about content - always has been.

Put that in your bonnet.

But wait, there's more.

There is another turn in the road for DOTC. The world is lining up, falling into pattern - it's time to 'Zag' again and Australia seems as a good as place as any to let it all out.

More and more, the market is reflecting what is happening with we as individuals.


Not tied to an OEM nor dependent on the agenda of others.  Flexible, mobile, innovative, self-reliant, individual, unique - NO MORE COPIES.

More than The Death of the Copier, we are heading into a time of The Death of Copiers...

Oh the fun we shall have, down under...

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