Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Level Platforms Delivers Converged Managed Print/Managed IT Services

Below is the press release from Level Platforms, talking about managing imaging assets.  At first glance, not all that mind-blowing.

Until you research Level Platforms.

"Agentless Remote", "power management", and "Cloud management".

I had the honor of speaking with Peter Sandiford, CEO Level Platforms, last week.  We had a very interesting conversation around IT guys getting into MpS.  A good conversation.  Yes, the MSP's are seeing potential in the MpS arena, and yes, this software will work great for both IT VARs and BTA types.

His software 'abides'.

Who knew?

I did...How Do You Like Me Now?

Level Platforms Delivers Converged Managed Print/Managed IT Services with Managed Workplace 2011 R3 Managed Print Services, enhanced Cloud management, power management, and new agentless Remote Tools expand MSP opportunities Ottawa, ON, Canada – November 30, 2011:

LPI Level Platforms Inc., a global leader in remote monitoring and management software today announced the release of Managed Workplace 2011 R3, which delivers advanced management of print and imaging devices, new power management plans that help cut energy consumption costs, advanced monitoring and management of cloud services such as Office 365™ and Google Docs™, and significant enhancements to real time Remote Tools.

Managed IT Services Providers (MSPs) can now comprehensively monitor and manage printing and imaging assets, optimizing the return on investment of their customers’ document production processes through increased printer uptime, reduced costs and new programs including just-in-time supply replenishment and Cost-per-Copy programs.

Managed Print Services (MPS) providers can now offer deep remote management of existing print fleets including proactive printer monitoring, remote control, firmware updates, management of local print servers and network management while expanding their services offerings beyond printer management to service and support the broader IT infrastructure.

Cloud Management framework extensions provide MSPs with the ability to easily manage services with JavaScript or session credential requirements including Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs and others permitting end-to-end management of these popular cloud services. MSPs can now manage adds, moves and changes as well as proactively determine the root cause of cloud-based application performance issues and take corrective action.

Power management tools leverage the deep automation features within Managed Workplace 2011 to drive down the total cost of ownership of technology assets by managing and configuring the power profiles of managed Windows devices. It is now possible to optimize energy consumption and reduce energy costs by to 30 to 50 percent by implementing best practices power management policies. Managed Workplace implements customized policies determined by the MSP and delivers detailed reporting to demonstrate resulting end customer power and cost savings.

Managed Workplace 2011 R3 enhances the extensive Remote Tools features to include a real time event viewer as well as capture of remote screen shots which improve troubleshooting tasks. Remote Tools can now be used without deploying an agent on the networked workstation being serviced.

“For years the imaging channel has focused on managing printing devices and the IT services channel on managing network devices,” said Ed Carroll, Principal at Strategy Development, a Bryn Mawr, PA-based consultancy specializing in outsourcing and MPS strategies. “With the increased interest from businesses in companies that can provide support for both areas, there is a movement from both channels to offer a combined solution for their customers. This will provide increased competition but also increased opportunity not only for the channels but for the end customers who will benefit from consolidated vendor relationships.” 

“After integrating our Managed Print Service into our Technology Solutions portfolio, we began to see a return on investment of over 25%, month to month,” said James Laszko, CTO, Mythos Technology Inc., an MSP based in Temecula, CA “We are very excited to see Managed Print integration in Managed Workplace R3 which will give us the ability to leverage Managed Workplace for even greater efficiency and profitability.”

“With the release of Managed Workplace 2011 R3, Level Platforms continues to fulfill its promise to deliver new revenue opportunities based on comprehensive management of all IT resources impacting the end customer IT experience,” said Peter Sandiford, CEO Level Platforms. “The convergence of Managed Print and Managed IT Services has been discussed for years. Managed Workplace 2011 R3 is the first solution to deliver the long-awaited converged platform generating new opportunities for everyone.” The Cloud Edition of Managed Workplace 2011 R3 will be available Dec. 17th.

About Level Platforms With thousands of IT service provider partners in 30 countries, Level Platforms is the leading provider of comprehensive managed services software for IT solution providers servicing small and mid-sized end customers through its award-winning remote monitoring, management and automation software, Managed Workplace®. Level Platforms agentless technology and its extensive integration into the IT ecosystem allow MSPs to monitor and manage all of the products and services that impact their end customers’ use of information technology from a single web-based dashboard. “See All. Manage All. Service all.” For more information, visit

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