Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, To Me...


In what can only be interpreted as a glaring example of "writing for an audience of One, me..." - I am penning this happy birthday wishes to non-other than, Me.


I was born the same year the Seattle Space Needle was erected. (he, he...I said erected)

On this day in 1962:

- Beatles sign their 1st contract with EMI Parlophone - I cannot stand the Beatles...
- Laser beam successfully bounced off Moon for 1st time - 'bounced' and 'Laser beam' in one sentence, poetic...
- US performs an atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island - 'Christmas' and 'nuclear test' in one sentence, foreboding...

Happy Birthday, Greg.  Thank you.

So, if "50 is the new 40", why do my feet hurt so much?

...that's right...half a century...middle-aged!  Wonderful, now get off my lawn and let me get back to my 50 shots of JD.

My story goes like this: born in Hawaii - because I felt it necessary to be near my mother at the time - carted to Detroit via Charleroi, Pa.  Grew up through the '70s in a suburb outside the D named Westland - how is that for nondescript?

Westland John Glenn High school graduating class of 1980.

"Miracle on Ice", Ronald Regan, Mt. St. Helens, the Olympics, hostages return from Iran(forgot about that didn't you?). In Australia, baby Azaria Chamberlain disappears from a campsite at Ayers Rock, reportedly taken by a dingo.

"...perhaps a dingo ate your baby..."

From Honolulu, HA, to Westland & Grand Blanc, Mi to Corona, CA to Crestline, CA and now Charlotte, NC, coast to coast to coast seems to be a pattern of sorts.


Fifty years is an awfully long time, but not long enough.

What of the next 50?  What will be standing that is here today?  Who will remember the double-dip recession or the great paper-tablet revolution?  What will become of our treasured Tweets, posts InstaGrams, i-Things and IM?


Legacy is more fiction than fact.  Projections of reflections, creations of comfort.

Today, I am comfortable in my own skin, with 50-year-old blemishes and all.  As a matter of fact, I am as comfortable as I have ever been.

We are who we are.  Happy Birthday to me, and may yours be as happy as mine.

Billy Joel.  Birthday, May 9.

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  1. One Bull to another Bull, Happy B-Day!!! Mines the 14th. I knew there was something special about you besides the Hat!!