Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth...

Fourth of July, 2012...

The economy is in a shambles, some think the current resident of the White House is a Socialist, the marketing pundits are dividing us by class, by generation, and claiming that 'Washington doesn't listen to us' any more.

The "1%r's" are made up, fictitious, labels concocted by separatists losers looking to blame anyone else but themselves - get back to class or your parents basement - and yet they get time on the evening news.

More and more, we hear the self-loathing, destructive belief that somehow, the greatest nation in history is separate from her government and responsible for all the wrongs in this world.

This is exasperating and a product of a portion of the populace who have shunned their history.

They've done worse than ignore, they've decided that this nation was founded on evil, disguised imperialism, destructive consumerism, racism, and War. They spout off about how God had nothing to do with the birth of America.

How sad. How ignorant. And how predictable.

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