Thursday, May 22, 2014

From the Soon to Be Released Book

excerpt from the upcoming eBook...

In the beginning I did not make a living writing. I understand that most everyone has a dream to be a writer ‘someday’ – I did not share that vision, it just fell into place.

My pedigree is that of a "copier-schlep" having cut my teeth over at Océ, Panasonic, IKON.

My technology roots run deep by way of the technology/accounting system/VAR arena MicroAge, Inacomp, IBM, Novell, Great Plains, Timberline, ACCPAC, etc. - I've been in since 1988.

Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough actually get paid to write – one of the more colorful stories around this subject involves Xerox, UBM and a persona name “Paige Coverage” , that story is for the next book.

With DOTC, I've been pontificating about since the beginning of the current MpS model.

When it gets right down to it, I am nothing more than a guy who used to sell copiers, sitting in front of a computer writing really goofy stories.

As a simple dude from the Midwest. I grew up just outside Detroit. Westland John Glenn High, Class of 1980 – the last analog generation. We didn’t have Xbox or the Internet; we used our grey matter to entertain ourselves. If something didn’t add up, or we couldn’t touch and feel the facts, we called bullshit.

Our social networking occurred weekends, as about a dozen of us chided and dogged each other relentlessly - we survived, our self-esteem intact, if not a bit stronger.

When we played basketball, we kept score. At the north end of every gridiron I ran on, stood the scoreboard, we kept score.  We were taught to win with grace and to lose with honor. We learned that a defeat only meant picking yourself up and getting ready for the next chance to win. The world is like that, it isn’t fair and sometimes tough to get through – but we get through, we survive and thrive. On our own, with the talents God gave us.

We did not gripe and shunned those who did.

I express my views, my ideas and my words about sales, selling, copiers, technology, and whatever else I like. At times, I've been asked to edit, temper if not outright remove content, indeed, if you're an early DOTC follower, you'll remember the pictures - I have no regrets pulling them off the site.

I see things through the prism of over 20 years in the technology industry - selling, failing and overcoming.

It's my way, it’s your way, it’s the American Way.

I've seen every single MPS program on the planet. From the well-defined and comprehensive, 24 Mod, RIKON MDS, to Canon's MDS.

I have attended and spoken at each of the yearly Photizo MPS Conferences. I was at the first MPS Conference in San Antonio and witnessed the genesis of the MPSA. I am currently an elected executive board member of the MPSA.

With a wealth of experience in the Managed Print Services niche, I have an in-depth understanding of MPS business and sales processes for all types of client environments — with the overall goals of cost savings and increased efficiencies. I am passionate about this industry and have a unique perspective on all things MPS. As such, I am frequently asked to speak at industry seminars, as well as consult on forecasting and standardization issues.

The Death of the Copier (the eBook) is my compilation of written observations, MPS insights, and constructive commentary about the beginning of the MpS wave.

I hope you found one or two chuckles and maybe even a nugget of wisdom within these ramblings.

Keep an eye out for more.