Sunday, May 18, 2014

888 - DOTC, You Chose the Cover


Years of pondering, hand-wringing and soul searching it has come down to this -

What cover do I choose?

I know this isn't the "Catcher in the Rye", its not even Jerry Maguire's "Mission Statement", but it is something; a glimpse into the future, from the past, a slice of time and timelessness.

Quips, statements, flounderings and pontifications, the result of whiskey fueled frenzies into the world that is copier sales.

How's that for a vertical?

The day is near, the poo-flinging monkey is ready to jump and it comes down to the wrapping paper -  such a treat!

So dear reader, I put it to you - with all grace and seriousness - which one do you prefer, "W" or "G"?

There is no wrong answer and no guarantee that either one will see the light of day, but odds are pretty good the digital version will be available around the time of Transform 2014.

Email me your choice, at

Good times...